Vidro Azul ("Blue Glass")

Vidro Azul ("Blue Glass"): its broadcastings began in RUC-Radio University of Coimbra, later extending to Radio Radar, and now on Radio SBSR. In its two-hour duration, this author’s project explores melancholic sonorities also experimenting, boundarylessly, with beautiful ethereal landscapes. Through several genres ranging from folk, glitch, indietronica, neoclassical, ambient, jazz, indie pop, minimal among others, themes are blended in an intentional attempt to create a coherent harmony.

quinta-feira, abril 21

April, de Susanne Abbuehl, é um disco magnífico onde o silêncio tem licença para ficar. Lá, Susanne canta (diz) e.e. cummings; aqui, podem ler e escutar.
Chegou-me pelo Paulo (obrigado Paulo, o teu mundo é de um tremendo bom gosto).

yes is a pleasant country:
if's wintry
(my lovely)
let's open the year

both is the very weather
(not either)
my treasure,
when violets appear

love is a deeper season
than reason;
my sweet one
(and april's where we're)

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