Vidro Azul ("Blue Glass")

Vidro Azul ("Blue Glass"): its broadcastings began in RUC-Radio University of Coimbra, later extending to Radio Radar, and now on Radio SBSR. In its two-hour duration, this author’s project explores melancholic sonorities also experimenting, boundarylessly, with beautiful ethereal landscapes. Through several genres ranging from folk, glitch, indietronica, neoclassical, ambient, jazz, indie pop, minimal among others, themes are blended in an intentional attempt to create a coherent harmony.

quarta-feira, junho 25

She loves a soul
That I've never been,
A dog among dogs,
A man among men.

And every day
When I come home to her,
She holds a phantom.
She kisses and she hugs him,
And I am not
Averse to how she loves him.

Why must I live and walk,
Unloved as what i am?
Why can't I be loved as what I am:
A wolf among wolves and not as a man
Among men?

She craves a home
That she can go in
A sheltered cave,
That I have never seen,
Not in my life,
And not even in my dreams.

Why can't I be loved as what I am:
A wolf among wolves and not as a man
Among men?

6 comentários:

ContorNUS disse...

Excelentes conteúdos.

Obrigada pela partilha

rosa disse...

estou intrigada, quem é este senhor barbudo?

Inês S. disse...

é o bonnie prince billy. o nome faz lembrar a 'bonnie blue' do 'e tudo o vento levou' e a foto sépia lembra o virar do século XIX, no entanto este jovem mora no século XXI aqui ao lado em louisville :)

rosa disse...


RC disse...

serviço público by inês saraiva és mesmo morcão :P

Inês S. disse...

grande ricardo carvalho... respondi-te no hi5 mas a tua página de comments apagou-se... que disco dos gaiteiros era mesmo? :)