Vidro Azul ("Blue Glass")

Vidro Azul ("Blue Glass"): its broadcastings began in RUC-Radio University of Coimbra, later extending to Radio Radar, and now on Radio SBSR. In its two-hour duration, this author’s project explores melancholic sonorities also experimenting, boundarylessly, with beautiful ethereal landscapes. Through several genres ranging from folk, glitch, indietronica, neoclassical, ambient, jazz, indie pop, minimal among others, themes are blended in an intentional attempt to create a coherent harmony.

quarta-feira, agosto 23

Somewhere Near

I sat at the counter and waited until you got off
you put on your coat and said good-bye and then we
left that place
It was snowing and there was ice on the ground as we
began to walk back home
But there was a wreck on the street and the people
walking by stopped to see
And all the cars lined in rows and everyone stared
so we left that street
We didn't want or need to see it, not right now
With the street lights and the snow it made the night
time seem light
Made the night seem light
With the snow and the wind we stopped in a phone booth to wait
I kissed your freezing face and I held your frozen hand, and
I knew I could feel good, I just never knew that I would
And if it's somewhere near, I don't want to think about that right now
and if it's somewhere near, at least it's not here

willy vlautin

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